I am an independent curator and researcher living in Falmouth, Cornwall (UK). With a background in 20th Century Art History (MA) I am currently a PhD candidate at the department of Aesthetics and Communication at the Aarhus University in Denmark, developing my thesis, titled ‘Curating in/as Commons. New Models of and for Online Curatorial Practice. I am also an associate curator at KURATOR. In 2010/2011 I was part of the curatorial group within Plymouth Visual Arts Consortium developing the programme of activities and commissioning work around the British Art Show7 in Plymouth in 2011. I also work as Research Assistant at the Academy for Innovation and Research, the Digital Economy Research Centre, Falmouth University (UK).

My curatorial work and research is concerned with projects that utilise online networking tools such as wikis, Skype, IRC, and collaboratively developed tools, for curating and to intervene into curatorial practice. I am particularly interested in current developments in the field of curating and theory around curating, and the influence of networked technologies on curatorial practice. I work often in collaborations, engaging in problematics of audience/users participation facilitated by technologies.

I consider my PhD research to be a hack into the curatorial. The research examines how curatorial practice is influenced by contemporary cultures of mass participation in socio-technological networks. It also speculates on new forms of curating and their possible influence into ways in which people engage with technology. In other words: how users and their social interactions over technological networks such as Internet and social platforms, stimulate and influence development and new forms of curating, and what possibilities exist for those forms of curating when distributed over socio-technological networks. The overarching question is how relations of power are reconfigured and how this relates to contemporary descriptions of network power and the wider context of artistic and curatorial interventions in the public realm. The thesis brings together the figure of a curator and practice of curating with the concept of the common/s and practice of commoning in the context of creative production and participation through socio-technological networks.

The recent projects include exhibitions: gaslighting (2013, co-curated with Janet McEwan), Ghost Factory (2013), (IN)visible networks (2008, co-curated with Kate Southworth), Participation (2007); series of collaborative curatorial events online and offline in galleries and festivals, such as: common practice/nothing new under the sun (2013), common practice/language and common practice/code, (2010), and playing practice (2009). I worked in collaborations on the following projects: Ghost Machine (2012, with Andrew Prior), turning language into objects (2010, with Sonke Hallman, Paul Gangloff and Inga Zimprich).
I organised many talks, artist residencies, symposia and curatorial events and I regularly contribute to international conferences, festivals and symposia such as Transmediale (Berlin 2012), Precarious Times/ British Art Show7 (Plymouth 2011), Rewire (Liverpool 2011), Media Art Biennale WRO14 (Wroclaw 2011), Transbiotica/Textures (Riga 2010), Spectres of Utopia (Lublin 2010), Aesthetics in Times of Emergency (Plymouth, 2010). My recent publications deal with issues related to my current research on contemporary art and digital culture.

contact details:
magda [at] thecommonpractice [dot] org